Friday, October 7, 2011

PHOTO TIPS for Wedding Guests:

The wedding season is upon us. If you're attending one and plan to take photos for yourself, here are three things I recommend:

1. Favorite photo apps for i-Phones...

>> Hipstamatic
($1.99): With a swipe of the finger, change your lens, flash, or film and it has built-in social media sharing capabilities.

>> Quad Camera - MultiShot
($1.99): Allows you to take continuous shooting with high quality effects...winner of Best App Ever Award 2009 Best Photography App!


2. Try turning off your flash — it will make your photos look less flat and more 3-dimensional.


3. Consider waiting before you snap: The ceremony and first dance are perfect opportunities to reflect your joy and excitement to be part of the bride and groom’s celebration. Try turning off your cameras and phones and put your full attention on them with a big smile. This will also make their wedding photos “pop” with energy as the wedding photographer usually photographs the couple surrounded by the guests’ smiling faces.

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Lolitha said...

Thanks for guiding the instructions really its very informative while taking photos surely mid these tips. wedding photographers are really a good persons who had taken the photos very natural and beautiful.