Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Juan and Alice - Central Park - "Don't Tell The Bride" BBC Program

Here’s a preview from a wedding I was asked to shoot related to an episode of the BBC program Don’t Tell the Bride, a series in which the groom must choose every detail of his wedding, from venue to cake to wedding dress. The program focuses on an engaged couple who are given 12,000 pounds and three weeks for the groom to plan the details. The couple lives apart and has no communication for those three weeks prior to the wedding.

This episode was aired in the UK on December 20th and will be available on the BBC website shortly - Stay Tuned! More photos of the production will be added soon.

The theme of the reception was “Alice in Wonderland.”


JoyfulHeart said...

These photo's are beautiful x
I also wondered where the venue was as I my self are looking for a small venue for about 20 people

urbanbutton said...

i would also like to know the venue???